On a Roll |Film

There’s a particular energy that translates with film photos. They’re unfiltered, unedited, and a complete surprise. Once you take a photo on film, that’s it. There’s no way of knowing what the images are going to look like until they get developed and you get them all at one time. You don’t have a chance to look over these images, fix your poses, or edit how they are going to appear. That’s the beauty with film.

Back in April is when I had started carrying around disposable cameras with me.  I had a birthday shoot I did with some of my amazingly creative friends. These are some of the images from that incredible day.

I have another roll that needs to be developed and one that I’m currently working on finishing. My plan is to consistently shoot with film and share the contents on this blog.

Go, grab yourself a disposable camera too and see what you capture.